Paris Hilton Launches Parisland: A Romantic Metaverse Adventure!

11. February 2023 0 Comments

Paris Hilton and Animoca Brand’s Sandbox Launch Parisland

• Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton has joined forces with the Sandbox to launch an adventure experience and dating reality show in the metaverse.
• Participants can complete tasks with up to five romantic partners including selecting wedding rings, flirting, and more.
• The metaverse trend has been on the rise despite economic downturns, drawing attention from companies like Nokia who provide aid via the metaverse.

Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media Teams Up with Animoca Brand’s Sandbox

Paris Whitney Hilton, a famous American socialite and media personality, has partnered with The Sandbox to create a new metaverse experience called Parisland for those looking for an exciting Valentine’s Day experience. Starting from February 13th, players will be able to take part in this metaverse dating reality show hosted by Paris herself.

Tasks Included in Parisland

In this romantic adventure game, participants will be able to carry out several tasks with up to five potential romantic partners within the virtual world of Parisland. These tasks include selecting wedding rings and outfits as well as flirting with other contestants. Players will also have access to beaches and collectibles while they explore their own version of the tropical paradise created by Hilton.

Metaverse Trend Continues Despite Crypto Winter & FUD

The popularity of the metaverse continues despite regulatory concerns and increasing cases of crime within its virtual walls; in fact, blockchain games that revolve around these themes raised $1.3 billion during Q3 2022 alone! Many well-known companies have jumped on board as well—Nokia provides workers in beer breweries and aircraft engineers assistance via the metaverse platform as part of their initiative. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), another integral part of the virtual world are seeing renewed interest this year due to crypto winter slumps which were further exacerbated by fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

Paris Hilton’s Previous Ventures into Metaverses

This isn’t the first time that Paris has branched out into this digital space—in 2021 she launched her own world inside Roblox! Her foray into cryptocurrencies happened back in 2016/2017 during ICO mania but it seems that she’s finally come full circle as her newest venture combines both worlds together—the celebrity life encapsulated inside a blockchain-powered virtual environment where users can build their own romantic utopia!