Hackers Loot $500K With Hacked Vanity Addresses in Arbitrum Airdrop

26. March 2023 0 Comments

• Arbitrum airdrop scheduled on March 23 resulted in the theft of $500K worth of tokens. • The funds were stolen by an individual who generated similar vanity addresses using vanity address generators. • As of late March 22, 61% of eligible crypto wallets have already claimed governance tokens while 37% remain unclaimed. Arbitrum Airdrop […]

FDIC Demands Buyer of Signature Bank Drop Crypto Operations

17. March 2023 0 Comments

• FDIC, a U.S. government agency, has demanded Signature Bank’s prospective buyer to forgo its cryptocurrency operations. • This highlights the growing regulatory concerns around digital assets and their potential risks of money laundering and tax evasion. • Signature Bank has been actively involved in crypto activities, but may have to alter its direction due […]

Silvergate Capital Seeks US Congress Aid to Avoid Bankruptcy

8. March 2023 0 Comments

• Silvergate Capital is reportedly in talks with the US Federal Deposit Insurance Commission (FDIC) to seek help amidst its financial woes. • The FDIC is considering aiding the lender by getting prominent crypto market participants to invest or possibly taking it over through a receivership arrangement. • Silvergate Capital’s stock price has plummeted 69.83% […]